KIM-5501 Fire Helmet

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Finishing: KIM 1
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Type A helmet - lightweight and with very good ventilation. In the conditions
difficult and extreme, the helmet offers the highest level of safety.
It complies with the essential requirements of Annex II of the Regulation
(EU) 2016/425 and harmonized standards: EN 443:2008, EN 16473:2014, EN 16471:2014 which is confirmed by the EU type examination certificate issued by the notified body n° 0497
CSI SpA It also has a certificate of conformity with marine fire-fighting equipment of Directive 2014/90/EU (MED) issued by Notified Body No. 1463 Polish Register of Navigation [Polski
Rejestr Statków SA]. In addition, it meets the requirements of the GA44-2015 standard applicable in China.

Safety in extreme conditions
  • Shell resistance to shocks, punctures and lateral compression.
  • Complete protection at low and high temperature, resistance to flames and heat flow (tested at 1000°C).
  • Resistance to molten iron.
  • Face shield – the visor meets the requirements of EN 14458:2018, EN 166:2001 and EN 168:2001, is resistant to high temperatures, flames and chemicals and provides protection against infrared radiation, with anti-scratch filter and anti-fog.
  • 3M® reflective elements ensure firefighter visibility.
Available finishes:
KIM 1: Retractable transparent visor in the helmet
KIM 2: Golden Visor

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