Stretcher for confined space rescue NEST- S061AA00

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Color: Red
Weight: 13100g
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Ropes and safetyThe NEST stretcher was developed in partnership with the French Speleological Rescue. It allows the transport of an injured person in a horizontal, vertical or oblique position. Easy to handle, it simplifies the positioning of the injured. It is suitable for all technical rope rescues, in particular those carried out in a confined environment.

Allows an injured person to be transported in a horizontal, vertical or oblique position, to adapt to rough and narrow terrain.

Easy to manipulate :

  • full support harness integrated into the stretcher to secure the injured,
  • color code to simplify installation,
  • pre-oriented side attachment points to facilitate buckle closure,
  • quick and easy adjustment, thanks to the FAST LT PLUS automatic buckles. The buckle release system limits the risk of unintentional opening,
  • flexible and easy to use straps, even with gloves,
  • longitudinal slats and removable transverse plates to reduce clutter during access.
Sustainable :
  • Reinforced high tenacity polyethylene (HDPE) handles for easy gripping and increased durability,
  • rigid plastic bottom without roughness to ensure good sliding,
  • reversible comfort foam on the back of the injured person limiting water absorption,
  • support foams on the thighs and feet adaptable to all morphologies,
  • durable construction, thanks to the continuous straps of the attachment points.
  • Optional accessories:
  • STEF balancing device allowing easy tilting of the stretcher depending on the terrain,
  • storage and protection bag,
  • pack of four longitudinal slats (reference S61904), available as spare parts.


  • Material(s): TPU, polyamide, polyethylene, aluminum
  • Weight: 13100g
  • Maximum authorized load: 150 kg

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