Reversible rescue kit with JAG SYSTEM haul kit and I'D EVAC descender - K090AA

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Size: 30cm
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JAG RESCUE KIT is a ready-to-use reversible rescue kit, designed to unhook and then easily evacuate a victim downwards. It contains a JAG SYSTEM haul kit, a RING OPEN gated ring, an I'D EVAC descender with integrated brake, a CONNEXION FIXE 150 cm anchor strap, a BUCKET bag and an AXIS 11 mm rope with two sewn terminations. It is available in three lengths: 30, 60 and 120 m.
  • Description
  • Designed to unhook, then easily evacuate a victim downwards:
  • - unhooking thanks to the JAG SYSTEM hauling kit, whose 4:1 reduction and excellent sheave efficiency make it possible to divide by 4 the effort required to haul the victim and thus be able to unhook him,
  • - evacuation using the I'D EVAC descender, whose handle is specifically designed to easily lower a victim. An anti-panic function is triggered if the user pulls too hard on the handle, which brakes, then automatically stops the descent.
  • Always ready to use to intervene quickly:
  • - JAG SYSTEM equipped with a flexible sheath avoiding any risk of entanglement,
  • - rope pre-installed in the closed brake integrated into the descender, to have better control of the descent and a permanent return of the rope in all circumstances,
  • - BUCKET bag to carry the kit,
  • - kit delivered sealed and ready to use.
  • Available in three versions of rope lengths: 30, 60 or 120 meters.
  • Contents of the first aid kit:
  • - a JAG SYSTEM haul kit,
  • - a RING OPEN openable ring,
  • - an I'D EVAC descender,
  • - an AXIS 11 mm rope with two sewn terminations,
  • - a CONNEXION FIXE 150 cm anchor strap,
  • - a BUCKET bag 30 liters for the 30 and 60 meter versions and 45 liters for the 120 meter version.
  • Specifications
  • Maximum working load: 250 kg
  • Material(s): aluminium, steel, polyamide, polyurethane, polyester

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